Company Advantage

--→      Super large cable production base in China, the production capacity is 160 thousand tons per year. Comprising hot extruded polyethylene cable 30 thousand tons per year, the main cable prefabricated parallel wire strands 120 thousand tons per year.

--→     JFC has over 1000 meters cable-stayed bridge cable production line. In the long and large cable field manufacturing technology, JFC is reliable and have the rich experience. The company have the ability to produce the long cable , which single cable length is more than 760 meters and the single cable weight is more than 110 tons .The company also have the capacity to produce the super high strength grade (the strength up to 2000MPa) and super large size (607φ7) cable.

--→     Our products can be manufactured according to the domestic standards (GB.JT.CJ, etc.) or international standards (ISO.EN.BS.DIN.NF.ASTM.JIS, etc.), and the products can meet the requirements of PTI.CIP and FIB.

--→     JFC has excellent technology innovation ability. Over the past more than ten years, JFC has undertaken more than ten national scientific and technological projects and a number of provincial and ministerial level key projects. JFC has gained a series of scientific research results and won many national and provincial and ministerial level awards at science and technology.

--→     JFC has the long span bridge durability Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province, which function is the research, development and promotion of application of new process, new material and new technology for bridge and structure cables.

--→     JFC has zinc-aluminum coated steel wire cable, super high strength and durability of large size prefabricated parallel wire strands and other dozens of independent core technology, scientific and technological achievements have reached or exceeded the international advanced level. JFC also obtain nearly 100 cable manufacturing patents, all the patents have independent intellectual property rights.

--→     JFC have many types of protective coated of steel wire cable manufacturing technology, the main types are hot-dip galvanizing, hot-dip zinc-aluminum alloy, epoxy coating and composite coating.

--→     JFC has the rich experience in cable production of long-span bridges, and its products have been successfully applied to the construction of world famous bridges and various long-span structures. Such as the world's second largest cable-stayed bridge - Hutong Yangtze River Bridge, the world's third largest cable-stayed bridge - Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, the world's fourth largest cable-stayed bridge - Hongkong Stonecutters bridge, South Korea's largest cable-stayed bridge - Inchon Bridge, the world's second largest suspension bridge - Yangsi port Yangtze River bridge, the world's third largest suspension bridge - Nizhou Waterway Bridge of Humen second bridge, the world's fourth largest suspension bridge - Zhoushan Xihoumen Bridge, Turkey's first largest suspension bridge - Turkey Izmit Bay Bridge, the world's first three tower suspension bridge - Taizhou Yangtze River bridge,the world's second largest arch bridge - Shanghai Lu Pu Bridge,etc.