PPWS strand

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Suspension bridge is composed of four parts: main cable, pylon, stiffening girder and socket. The load of bridge is transferred to the pylon by the main cable. The main cable is the main structural part of the suspension bridge. It bears all the dead load and live load of the upper structure of the bridge. The quality of the main cable will directly affect the quality and duration of the suspension bridge.

PPWS consist mainly of steel wire strands and sockets. There are two types of socket structure: tension rod type and end bearing type. The casting method of socket cone is usually hot casting socket, the socket filler is made of zinc copper alloy.


·The new PPWS strand coiling & reeling system, which can make strand more closely and orderly after coiling & reeling, reduce the deformation and broken of the wrapping tape, fully eliminate the hoop phenomenon in the process of erecting strands.

·New type of steel wire pay-off system, which can guarantee the same wire tension force in the process of strand forming, control the cable length accuracy more effectively.

·JFC firstly completed the 3100 meter full length PPWS strand unreeling test in China successfully.

·Pre-performing technology of the strands improves the quality of strand at the saddle position.



The cable products have been successfully applied to the construction of world famous suspension bridges. Such as Zhoushan Xihoumen Bridge, Runyang Yangtze River bridge, Taizhou Yangtze River bridge, Dayue Highway Dongting Lake bridge, Turkey Izmit Bay Bridge, Norway Halogaland bridge, etc.