S shape wrapping steel wire

2018-01-12 16:28:47 admin 36

The "S" shape wrapping wire is used to wrap the main cable, without any gap. It has excellent waterproof and air tightness performance, and ensures that the surface of the main cable is smooth and even.

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·Prevent infiltration of rain water into the cable Compared to the conventional round shape steel wire wrapping system, impermeability of S-shaped wire wrapping against water is significantly improved.

·Prevent cracks in the paint coating layers A wrapping method with wire having an S-shaped section (S-shaped wire wrapping) restricts displacement of wire laps during the process of tensioning and contracting of main cable and paint cracks occur with difficulty thanks to the structure where laps of the wire are engaged with each other.

·Reduce materials consumption of external coating Because the surface of S shape wrapping wire is flat compared with the round steel wire, which can effectively reduce filling materials consumption of external coating.

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The S shape wrapping wire has been successfully applied in Taizhou Yangtze River bridge, Nanjing Fourth Yangtze River Bridge Maanshan Yangtze River Bridge, Turkey Izimit Bay Bridge and other large projects.