Ultra high strength durable cable

2018-01-15 08:47:07 admin 15

Ultra high strength durable stay cable products is on the basis of ordinary stay cable products, from the material, cable structure and manufacturing processes, etc, to comprehensively improve the service life of cable.


Adopt the ultra high strength steel wire (1770MPa, 1860MPa, 1960MPa, 2000MPa) to produce cables. Also it can reduce the weight of cables by 6%-20% and effectively reduce the cost of construction

The cable adopts comprehensive anti-corrosion technology, socket coating use new protection technology, between cable and socket use the new filling sealing technology, to prevent the moisture and other harmful substances into the cable inside, so as to greatly improve the corrosion resistance of cable.


With this technique, the life of cable can be up to 50-60 years. This technology has been successfully applied to nearly more than 100 major projects, such as Sutong Bridge, Hongkong Stonecutters Bridge, Jing Yue Yangtze River Bridge, etc.