Intelligent cable

2018-02-01 16:47:47 admin 16

Intelligent cable, which integrated sensors such as stress, temperature, humidity, etc. into the cables, can realize real-time on-line monitoring of its own status. It is a new intelligent cable with self diagnosis and self adaptation.


Fiber grating corrosion resistance, intrinsically safe, can realize on-site non electrical monitoring; anti electromagnetic interference, light wavelength modulation of digital sensing, can achieve absolute measurement, anti-interference ability, long-term stability.

The optical fiber can sense and transmit signals at the same time. Compared with the traditional cable force testing principle of the electromagnetic testing principle, the effective remote and distributed monitoring of the signal can be realized based on the principle of the fiber grating principle.

Fiber bragg grating vibration sensor and fiber grating force loop sensor realize remote real-time monitoring of cable tension. But all belong to the monitoring method in vitro, and the monitoring results reflect the overall stress effect of stay cables. The intelligent cable scheme not only realizes the integration of the force component and the test element, but also realizes the monitoring of the whole force and the local force monitoring of the cable.